Growing up in Waterloo, Ontario, hockey was always a part of my life. The best memories of my childhood were spent on my backyard rink, playing road hockey with my friends, and bouncing around from rink to rink playing the sport I loved. 

Hockey is our game, it's in our DNA. From the grassroots to the Pros, so many of us share hockey as a common interest, and passion. The Canadian Hockey Lifestyle Co. was created on the foundation of these experiences, memories and friendships.

 When you wear Canadian Hockey Co. you aren't just wearing a shirt, bucket, or hoodie. You are representing the Canadian Hockey Community, and your hockey story. We all have a different story; but hockey we have in common. My hope with this business is that when you wear our apparel, you can start a new conversation, and hopefully add a new friendship. My best friends are all my minor hockey team from Waterloo. That is the essence of Canadian Hockey Co. It's about those connections, and your desire to make more. 

 When I designed this inaugural collection, I focused on what it means to be a Canadian hockey fan with our uniquely Canadian roots. Our designs have a style that you wear can anywhere, and that was important to me. I want you to be proud to wear Canadian Hockey Co, and always feel confident in your appearance. 

I hope every Canadian hockey fan can find something they love on the store, it was an absolute blast creating them! Whether you buy something or not, I am proud to share the passion for hockey with all of you, and one last thing...... GO LEAFS GOOOOO!

John Thiel